Study in Australia

Our Range of Courses for you to Study in Australia

What to consider when thinking to study in Australia?

If you are thinking of studying in Australia there are many things you will need to consider including:

  • Where in Australia you would like to study – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane?
  • Your budget – this will dictate which college or University you select
  • Your current English level – we can arrange for you to complete a test – basically you need to consider weather you should commence study in Australia straight away, and if it should be an English course first?

Contact us for free advice and solutions on the most suitable fully accredited course for you.

Our consultants work closely with Universities and government accredited colleges, and we will find the English right courses for you including:

General English Course – These are designed to improve your verbal and written English communication skills .

Exam Preparation Courses – A number of courses such as IELTS (International English Language Testing system) and Cambridge certificate courses. These certificates are accepted worldwide.

Professional English Courses – English courses designed to help people using English in the professional environment. These are suited to those seeking future employment in nursing for example.

Business, IT, Hospitality and other courses

When planning your Study in Australia, you may consider studying a three year University degree, or even six month or one year vocational course. Many of the students who we help come to study in Australia choose to study Business, IT (information Technology, and hospitality. We work with lots colleges who offer a range of courses. Best of all, when studying on a student visa, you can also work and make money.

We work closely with leading universities such as Sydney University, and the University of New South Wales. So contact us and we will help you find the right course for your needs.


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