Moving to Australia

If you are thinking of moving to Australia then we are ready to help. Australia has sensational opportunities for people from all over the world who come here to work, study, migrate live and even set up their lives. Moving to Australia can be a complex journey with many things to organise – and the team here at study work in Australia is here to help.

All of our service is completely free, for moving to Australia, and includes:

  • Free Advice on arranging your visa.
  • Free advice on the best college and enrolment arrangement
  • Free education and career advice
  • Free Accommodation Arrangement
  • Free CV help and advice
  • Free Resume writing service
  • Free assistance to help you find a job
  • Free arrangement of your medical insurance
  • Free help setting up a bank account

The team here at study work in Australia have helped thousands of people from around the world arrange to come to Australia and settle here for their futures. We have also helped many people find jobs in Australia and study English and other courses.

There are many great things to consider about moving to Australia. They include:

– Australia has friendly people and a great climate – with lots of awesome beaches

– Australia has  very strong economy so there are lots and lots of jobs

– Australia is multicultural – and you are sure to find some other people from your home country here in Australia

– Australia is very safe and regulated – which is great so that you can really enjoy yourself in a safe country.

So email the team now at and we look forward to helping you with your exciting journey!

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