Living Costs in Australia

If you are thinking of coming to Australia to Study, Work and/or Live, the living costs in Australia are something you will consider. The team here at Study Work in Australia live in Australia and understand the local economy. The good part, is that the Australian Dollar is quite low when compared to most overseas countries. This means that coming to Australia to study, live or work is relatively cheap – and you will often be surprised at the low living costs in Australia.

To some extent, living costs in Australia vary dependant on where you are, although you can be sure, that with our efficient transportation system costs are quite low when it comes to transport. Here is an estimate below based on living costs in Australia and particularly in Sydney, one of Australia’s most expensive cities:

  • Weekly rental of one bedroom unit – $320 within 15 minutes of the City
  • Meal at a local Chinese or Thai restaurant – $12
  • Standard Bus Ticket – $3
  • Coffee – $2.50 (although available in some stores for a dollar from a machine)
  • Weekly course fees – From $130 and upwards
  • A loaf of bread – $1.20

Of course, the living costs in Australia vary on where you are located and what your style and taste is. Here at yes2Study, we have helped hundreds of students, workers, and families come to Australia. We get feedback from each and every student to find out about if Australia is what they expected. One of the best things to do if you are worried about the living costs in Australia is to find a job when you get here.

The advantage of that is that you are earning Australian dollars and spending Australian dollars. We offer free advice, 24/7, and will give you information on courses, visa and finding work – so contact us at for more information on living in Australia, studying here, working here or doing business here.

Living Costs in Australia

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