Work in Australia

Work in Australia

Are you considering coming to Work in Australia?

With one of the fastest growing and stable economies in the world, and no real impact of the GFC in 2008, moving to Australia to work in Australia is a great idea. Australia has many different industries from farming, to finance and there are many short and long term work opportunities here.

Our consultants will help you to find work in Australia and we provide a free CV writing service. We provide interview training and advice, and assist with the visa application process as well as finding a school to study at if necessary.

One of the best things about work in Australia is that we have a minimum wage in place and it is highly regulated. The minimum wage is alot higher than most european and asian countries. That means that even working in a restaurant bar, there is an absolute minimum you can or will be paid in place.

We help people find jobs in Australia in bars, cafes, the catering industry, and the construction industry. Our consultants will work closely with you in your job seeking efforts, assisting with CV preparation, networking opportunities and key advice. Of course, great English skills are an enormous help.

One of the best ways to find casual work in Australia is to visit local bars and speak to the employers.

Remember, the Work in Australia team is ready at our offices. So contact us or enquire now, and we will contact you to find out where you are from, what work you are looking for and your qualifications. We can then give you the best, and free advice.
Work in Australia